May 2017

News of a different sort.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by a potential customer “Why should I use Sydney Rigging Specialists? What are the advantages of me using you as my chosen rigger for the project I am about to start?”

I was a little taken aback by the question and could not answer it straight away. It got me thinking, so I went away and jotted down the five key points in some notes which I presented the next day.

I thought I might share these notes with you.

1)      History & Stability - Sydney Rigging Specialists have been in business for 22 years in the same area doing the same thing.

2)      Specialising in one field - Even though it is often tempting to be lured by a quick dollar we have always stuck to what we know - Yacht Rigging and Cordage Sales. We proudly supply to the marine industry and many other industries as well.

3)      Stable & dedicated Work Force - We have a stable work force. We have found our ideal staff numbers which works for us with our year round demands. We do not employ unknowns for busy periods which means Sydney Rigging Specialists standards are always kept high.

4)      Independence - It takes a long time and is still evolving, but having the ability to manufacture items to our own specifications or even manufactured and repair in-house, which has been achieved with the formation of our engineering services. Sydney Rigging Specialists are able to have a better control of the time frames it takes to complete a job and the quality of the final product. We are not aligned to set suppliers so we can supply the product that is most suitable for the job in terms of quality & budget.

5)      Passion & Experience - The people behind the service make the product. Every job has its day, but I think I can honestly say that all the personnel at Sydney Rigging Specialists are really into what we do. We all got involved with the industry because of our passion for the sport of sailing whether it be cruising, social racing, dinghy racing, one design racing, club racing or grand prix racing. We have experience doing all those facets of our great sport so we understand what is required for them.

And yes we got the job.